Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nokia unveiling its first Android smartphone this month

When it was first announced that Microsoft was buying Nokia, it was thought this it will be an acquisition that will be aimed towards the development of the Windows Phone OS (operating system) platform to increase its share in the smartphone market but that may be untrue if new reports are to be believed.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Nokia is ready to reveal an android powered smartphone this month at the mobile world congress (MWC) in Barcelona according to its unnamed sources.
Nokia normandy android smartphone
Nokia's android smartphone. Image: evleaks
There were reports after Microsoft announced its $7.4 billion acquisition of Nokia that Nokia was planning to make an android smartphone in 2014 and it seems that plan was not aborted.
However, it was reported that Nokia’s android smartphone will be heavily modified to leave the Google Play app store out of the device. It is expected that most of the apps will be from Microsoft and Nokia and will be downloaded from Nokia’s android app store that will be developed.
It is expected that this move is to boost Nokia’s smartphone sales in the low end category of smartphones which Google has utilized to its full ability. Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is not suitable for low end smartphones due to its various requirements.

However, this is where Google’s android has excelled with most of its market share coming from the low end android smartphones and developing economies. For instance, International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that 93% (about 41 million) of smartphones sold in India in 2013 had android installed on it.


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