Friday, February 21, 2014

 After Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion, many began thinking about what could be Facebook’s motive apart from the obvious fact that WhatsApp is a rapidly growing company and the effect it would have on social media and internet messaging.

Facebook Messenger may not survive
This acquisition will obviously see Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp continue its competition with WhatsApp despite now being under the umbrella of the same company. The fact that Facebook bought WhatsApp could spark the insinuation that Facebook didn’t believe in its messenger service.
What does Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp mean for social media and messaging?
Image: Techcrunch
It would have been predicted that some features of Facebook Messenger could be incorporated into WhatsApp but Facebook has clearly stated that it will not tamper with WhatsApp’s mode of service to its numerous customers.
Would Facebook stop its Facebook Messenger service or will it die a natural death? Only time will tell.
Facebook may become better
Although Facebook has indicated it will not tamper with WhatsApp services, one thing is sure, Facebook will gather lots of useful data from WhatsApp users.
These data will range from phone numbers to secret desires people have and communicate in chats. It is easier for people to divulge their personal secrets to people on personal chats than on Facebook.
This only means that Facebook will know more about people’s secret behaviours and desires. This could help Facebook to add new features to the mega sites that would attract new users and keep the existing users on Facebook for a larger amount of time.
Facebook would be very very powerful
Like some will say, information is power and now Facebook has lots of it. Facebook also has money. Facebook will have so much information from Facebook and WhatsApp that it will be able to predict new trends faster than many other organizations.
With the notion that nothing is impossible, I won’t be surprised if Facebook invests in a company that is not related to social media in the nearest future. If Facebook ever take such an action, do not rush to criticize, because it obviously has more power than you.
Facebook may have to assure users that their personal information will not be at the mercy of spies or other unlawful users. People take their privacy seriously; this was very evident by the attention generated by revelations of former NSA outcast Edward Snowden.
Any suspicion or evident of selling or sharing of user data by Facebook could make people loose trust in the messaging app.
Many developments would occur in days and months to come, you can catch up with all of them here.


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