Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bloomberg has reported that Microsoft’s board is preparing to make Satya Nadella the next CEO of the software company after five months of search for a new CEO. It also claimed that its sources say that Bill Gates could cease to be the Chairman of the board of the company.

According to Bloomberg, people with the knowledge of the process have claimed that president of Microsoft’s server business, Satya Nadella could be the Chief Executive Officer that would be announced soon by the company.
Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella. Image via Digital Trends
The 46-year-old Nadella who has been with Microsoft since 1992 has been seen as the best candidate for the post which is currently occupied by 57-year-old Steve Ballmer. Ballmer is leaving the company this year after he announced he will be stepping down last year.
Nadella has been impressive in his department after he help boost revenue from $16.6 billion in 2011 when he took over to $20.3 in 2012. There have only been two CEOs in the history of Microsoft: Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.
Reports also indicated that America’s richest man, Bill Gates will step down as the Chairman of the board of Microsoft, a position he has occupied since 1981.
Gates however won’t be out of the company completely, he will still be part-time with the company. He revealed recently that he will be more concentrated on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
The foundation is the biggest part of my time. I put in part-time work to help as a board member. My full-time work will be the foundation for the rest of my life. I will not change that.” he said.

It is expected that Microsoft lead independent director, John Thompson is expected to take the place of Bill Gates as Chairman. The 64-year old is leading the search for the new CEO and is known to have asked tough questions from top Microsoft executives in the past, even from Ballmer.


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