Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Konga wants to be the ultimate marketplace in Nigeria

Konga has revealed that a year after it unveiled it Konga Mall, it is moving forward by incorporating more features into its new project which will be coming very soon: Konga Marketplace.

Apart from buying from Konga, one of the largest e-commerce websites wants to allow you and me to sell our products to other buyers who will be interested while using the Konga platform.
Konga had previously allowed big businesses to benefit from it earlier launched Konga Mall.
Konga wants to be the ultimate marketplace in Nigeria
Image: Konga
Maxitech, a computer and electronics dealer had praises for the process.
I have been selling computers for a number of years now in Lagos and to customers in neighboring cities, but I must admit that what konga.com has been able to do for my business is increase my sales portfolio not only locally but nationwide,” he said.
E-commerce in Nigeria is definitely the future and I am happy that Konga is not only growing at a tremendous pace but is also helping Nigerian businesses grow as well.
Konga revealed that the new offering will be coming in the coming weeks. The offering will allow small scale businesses and even enterprising individuals to sell their products on Konga to interested buyers.
About a year ago, we realized that for our services to be really valuable to society, we had to build a platform for anyone, not just Konga, to sell and prosper. We launched this platform to a limited number of sellers and in that time, we have learned how to build a truly revolutionary Nigerian online marketplace.” Sim Shagaya, CEO of Konga revealed in a statement.
Today, we are pleased to invite all Nigerian businesses – great or small, designer or farmer, producer or trader, sole proprietorship or limited liability, - to sign up to this new platform – Konga Marketplace.” he said.
Konga however has not revealed the full process of how this will go. Will the products from the sellers be paraded as Konga’s products? Is there an amount or a percentage sellers will pay to Konga to sell their goods on this platform? All this and other details will be known very soon. Stay tuned.

If you’re interested in selling your products on Konga Marketplace, you can pre-register at konga.com/sell.


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